Home Automation & Mobility Assistance

Home Automation

The last few years have seen a proliferation of internet enabled devices entering the market place. As they have become more and more popular their prices have dropped and are now at a point where simple home automation is affordable for the majority of us.


Voice activated automation is where I am most interested. For those with mobility challenges, voice activated automation holds a huge amount of promise/benefit.

Imagine being able to do the following from your bed or your sofa just by using your voice:

  • Answer the front door – see who it is, speak to them and unlock the door if you wish;
  • Turn on the TV, change channel, alter the volume – even when you can’t find the remote or you’ve dropped it under the bed;
  • Call family and friends for a chat, or they can call you. No need to get up to find the phone;
  • Have family and friends “drop-in” to check you are ok;
  • Turn up the heating or the fan to circulate some air;
  • Turn on or dim a lamp or lights without needing to get up and physically press the switch;
  • Have the peace of mind that with a single command you can turn off the lights, lock the door, turn off the TV and the heating before you go to sleep;
  • Order shopping for delivery by Amazon or your local supermarket or add items to your regular order.

Mobility Assistance

Perhaps using some of the above, would help you more easily get through a period of illness, allow you to maintain a level of independence or reduce the need for assistance from carers, family and friends.