Ark Technology (Stafford)

Welcome to ARK Technology. A business created to help you with your IT, PC and technology needs in and around Stafford:

  • Considered using Alexa or other voice assistants but don’t know how?
  • Thinking about home automation for mobility reasons or just because it’s possible?
  • Do you have a problem with your existing IT and want help to fix it?
  • Wondering about buying / building new IT and need a hand with buying choices or setting it up?

Then get in touch via phone or email. I’ll be happy to help with personal, mobile and freindly service in and around the Stafford area.Alexa and voice assistant technology set and configuration in Stafford

Alexa set-up

Fix and repait IT and PC technology in Stafford

IT Fix or Replace

Mobility Assistance

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Who are ARK Technology (Stafford)?

ARK Technology is the result of an idea I had a while back, which is now becoming a reality. My 30 plus years of working in the IT industry have been spend mainly with corporate IT: enabling business to take advantage of modern technology. My idea, is to transfer these skills and knowledge for use by individuals and the community. So far the response is encouraging, with a great deal of my experience being of great benefit and value to people looking for help in a complex and confusing world of technology.

For example:

Systems Integration – In the business context, system integration is the design and build of a system from a number of individual components. For an individual it is no different. Consider Home Automation or Web Site creation. Piecing together a collection of readily available and affordable components to perform a worthwhile task.

Procurement –  Purchase of IT depends on defining what is required, understanding what is available and finding the right price. You don’t want to pay for features you’ll never use or pay over the odds as a result of clever marketing.

As a small business I don’t have a huge portfolio of products and services, I prefer to tailor what I do to what you need. That way I’ll never charge you for things you don’t want to buy, and I will always agree a price for work before I start. I care about making sure every customer goes away satisfied and able to recommend me to others. As that is what my reputation and my business depends on.

Next Steps…

If you want to know more about how voice assistants like Alexa can be of assistance, have a problem with your existing IT, want help buying / building new IT or need a hand setting up your IT, then get in touch via phone or email.

I’ll be happy to help and will normally be able to give you a good indication of the costs with no obligation to buy, so you can make the right decision.

I am mobile so I can do this at your home if you live in and around the Stafford area, but I’ll never arrive unannounced – always by appointment. Get in Touch


What Can Alexa Do?

The Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant has been around for a few years now. Over 20 million have been sold in various forms (Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show etc.).

Alexa and voice assistant technology set and configuration in Stafford

Alexa has been built to provide information and perform tasks by reacting to voice commands. You can ask Alexa to tell you the time or the current weather forecast or any other question you may think of. Alexa can set reminders for you or alarms and timers for example “Alexa, remind me to ring the doctor at 2pm” will have Alexa tell you “ring the doctor” at 2pm that day. If you are cooking “Alexa, set a cookie timer for 10 minutes” will have Alexa tell you when your cookies are ready.

That is just the start of Alexa’s capabilities. Alexa can do much more:

  • Lists: Alexa can create a To-Do list for you, and even a shopping list that can be linked to the Amazon store for purchasing and delivery to your door.
  • Music & Books: Alexa can play radio stations, Spotify or even read you a book by linking to Amazon Audible.
  • Calling & Messaging: If you let Alexa have access to your address book, it can make hands-free calls for you, and send dictated messages. It can even “drop-in” on another Alexa device to act like a babymonitor.
  • News: Ask Alexa for a “Flash Breifing” and it will replay the latest news flashes from sources such as The Guardian, Reuters or the BBC.
  • Weather: Wherever you are thinking of in the world, Alexa can give you a weather forecast.
  • Traffic & Rail Reports: Want to know if your train is on time or the motorway is congested – Just ask Alexa
  • Games: Alexa can also read you quiz questions, play games or relay trivia.

And there is not just Alexa to choose from. Google, Microsoft and Samsung all have equivalent voice assistant products.

Home Automation & Mobility Assistance

Home Automation

The last few years have seen a proliferation of internet enabled devices entering the market place. As they have become more and more popular their prices have dropped and are now at a point where simple home automation is affordable for the majority of us.


Voice activated automation is where I am most interested. For those with mobility challenges, voice activated automation holds a huge amount of promise/benefit.

Imagine being able to do the following from your bed or your sofa just by using your voice:

  • Answer the front door – see who it is, speak to them and unlock the door if you wish;
  • Turn on the TV, change channel, alter the volume – even when you can’t find the remote or you’ve dropped it under the bed;
  • Call family and friends for a chat, or they can call you. No need to get up to find the phone;
  • Have family and friends “drop-in” to check you are ok;
  • Turn up the heating or the fan to circulate some air;
  • Turn on or dim a lamp or lights without needing to get up and physically press the switch;
  • Have the peace of mind that with a single command you can turn off the lights, lock the door, turn off the TV and the heating before you go to sleep;
  • Order shopping for delivery by Amazon or your local supermarket or add items to your regular order.

Mobility Assistance

Perhaps using some of the above, would help you more easily get through a period of illness, allow you to maintain a level of independence or reduce the need for assistance from carers, family and friends.


Fix or Replace

IT Not Working ?

IT equipment gets old just like we do. Hardware and software can become obsolete and unsupportable. Components can wear out / brake and need fixing or replacing. Viruses and malware can have malicious effects and may attempt to steal your data, identity and cash.

Do you need some advice? Do you want some repairs done?


Need some new IT?

Whilst some things can be fixed, sometimes it may not be worth the cost and a replacement is the right answer.
A laptop or PC, higher speed internet router, voice assistant, mobile phone, Smart TV, printer, tablet, scanner, home network, home entertainment system……..the list goes on.
Whatever it is it will inevitably need to connect to something else in your home which you would probably not wish to replace at the same time. For example if you need a new laptop you will want one that works with your existing printer and connects to your home broadband.

Do you need some advice? Do you want someone to help?


What do you buy ?

There are a bewildering amount of choices out there. Some providing features you want and some providing features you are never likely to use and probably don’t want to pay for. Flashy marketing can sometimes pursued you that products do far more than they can.

Need some advice? Need someone to explain the choices and the range of prices for the features you are looking for?


Do you want a Website?

Ever thought of having your own website? For personal use such as a blog site for example, or business use just like this one (


ArkTechnology can help you

I’m not the best content expert, so you will need to show me what you want the site to look like and provide the words and pictures you want me to use.

What Ark Technology will do is :

  • Find you a domain – a unique address on the internet where your website will live for example
  • Host the domain on a suitable platform – Find a suitably priced hosting package that will provide the features you need and link your domain to the world wide web – the internet.
  • Load the platform with Wordpres – Install the tooling needed to create your website on the host platform. I prefer WordPress as it’s the most widely used and flexible package.
  • Build your Website for you – using your ideas and content.
  • Add security via certification for that https padlock.

This website ( and it’s sister site ( have both been build in exactly this way.