Fix or Replace

IT Not Working ?

IT equipment gets old just like we do. Hardware and software can become obsolete and unsupportable. Components can wear out / brake and need fixing or replacing. Viruses and malware can have malicious effects and may attempt to steal your data, identity and cash.

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Need some new IT?

Whilst some things can be fixed, sometimes it may not be worth the cost and a replacement is the right answer.
A laptop or PC, higher speed internet router, voice assistant, mobile phone, Smart TV, printer, tablet, scanner, home network, home entertainment system……..the list goes on.
Whatever it is it will inevitably need to connect to something else in your home which you would probably not wish to replace at the same time. For example if you need a new laptop you will want one that works with your existing printer and connects to your home broadband.

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What do you buy ?

There are a bewildering amount of choices out there. Some providing features you want and some providing features you are never likely to use and probably don’t want to pay for. Flashy marketing can sometimes pursued you that products do far more than they can.

Need some advice? Need someone to explain the choices and the range of prices for the features you are looking for?