What Can Alexa Do?

The Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant has been around for a few years now. Over 20 million have been sold in various forms (Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show etc.).

Alexa and voice assistant technology set and configuration in Stafford

Alexa has been built to provide information and perform tasks by reacting to voice commands. You can ask Alexa to tell you the time or the current weather forecast or any other question you may think of. Alexa can set reminders for you or alarms and timers for example “Alexa, remind me to ring the doctor at 2pm” will have Alexa tell you “ring the doctor” at 2pm that day. If you are cooking “Alexa, set a cookie timer for 10 minutes” will have Alexa tell you when your cookies are ready.

That is just the start of Alexa’s capabilities. Alexa can do much more:

  • Lists: Alexa can create a To-Do list for you, and even a shopping list that can be linked to the Amazon store for purchasing and delivery to your door.
  • Music & Books: Alexa can play radio stations, Spotify or even read you a book by linking to Amazon Audible.
  • Calling & Messaging: If you let Alexa have access to your address book, it can make hands-free calls for you, and send dictated messages. It can even “drop-in” on another Alexa device to act like a babymonitor.
  • News: Ask Alexa for a “Flash Breifing” and it will replay the latest news flashes from sources such as The Guardian, Reuters or the BBC.
  • Weather: Wherever you are thinking of in the world, Alexa can give you a weather forecast.
  • Traffic & Rail Reports: Want to know if your train is on time or the motorway is congested – Just ask Alexa
  • Games: Alexa can also read you quiz questions, play games or relay trivia.

And there is not just Alexa to choose from. Google, Microsoft and Samsung all have equivalent voice assistant products.